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Do you believe in coincidences, because I believe you're reading this for a reason! My name is Tara Friedt and I truly believe that you deserve to work with someone that values you as a person, is committed to helping you achieve your goals, is professional, trustworthy, and caring. I have helped many buyers close on the home of their dreams & sellers get maximum value so they can enjoy moving on to the next chapter in life. One thing I hear often is 'that's a tall girl' since I tower in around 5' 11'', but no, I did not play basketball! My husband and I have 3 children, a rescued pitbull, and 6 chickens, so everyday is a wonderful adventure! In my professional career, I have had the experience of being licensed in 2 states. A Minnesota License was first at 20 yrs old, a little later I married a contractor and we owned a construction company for 8 years. We then made a cross-country move that was quite an adventure and it brought me back once again to Real Estate. I am blessed to have a long history of successfully helping clients along the way. The past year has created a focus on client education for me. With the real estate industry going through so many changes since the crash in 2008, people entering the real estate market for the first time are struggling to know where to begin, and repeat buyers & sellers are experiencing things that are very different from the process they previously went through. My professional experience has taught me that an informed buyer or seller feels much more confident, which is why I take the time to understand my clients' needs, talk through their concerns and challenges, and make sure they are ready to move forward. So tell me, what are your goals and where are you going?

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